Sunday, January 21, 2018

So sick of being sick....

Jack’s surgery was delayed a week due to illnesss. We have been literally sick at least every other week since Thanksgiving. Initially Jack seemed to have the least of it—he had pink eye and an ear infection—the latter being the reason for the new set of ear tubes he got along with his tonsillectomy. My younger son, Alec, had an upper respiratory first, then pink eye, then a double ear infection. I was sick in between with a weird sinus cold and hacking cough that took two weeks to clear. Finally the week after Christmas everyone was well. And then Jack got sick immediately thereafter with just a cold, but the high fever plus a ton of congestion caused us to reschedule. On the day of his surgery, he was relatively recovered having had no symptoms for at least 4 days, but little brother was sick again. Little guy and I were up from 3-5 a.m. with his throwing up every 15-30 minutes.

Fast forward to this last Friday. Jack’s doing well—pain management under control, sleeping great, no significant ill effects Everyone goes to school and ABA. About an hour before they’re done, I receive a call that Alec just threw up—a lot. He gets picked up and because he’s Alec, he’s hungry. After a snack, water, fortunately no more throwing up, he finally falls asleep. That night, he’s cranky but other than that normal enough. No more vomit, thank goodness. About 30 hours later, Jack’s throwing up all over the place. And it doen’t stop until after 1 am.

When will the cycle of illness end?!! Are we more sickly than the next family? My guys eat a ton of sugar and carbs, but they also have a green smoothie every day and the little guy—the one who seems to start it all, lives on fruits and veggies. I understand that this is a “bad flu season” but, thank goodsness, we haven’t had the flu. The boys also had their flu shots, which usually means nothing, but this year it apparently covered the most prevalent strain. My boys also put so much less in their mouths than they did a year or two ago. For the most part, they’re in the same number of activities—school ad therapies. Alec’s in a bit more and Jack’s class size is much larger, but Alec had the large-class experience and Jack had the many hours of therapy. The only major difference I can account for is the bitter cold that kept us in for much of the past two months.

Anyway, there was little point to this diatribe other than to document all our woes. I’m feeling nauseous myself at the moment, which really stinks because I just made and ate a super yummy breakfast of banana oatmeal pancakes with chocolate chips (randomly gluten free except for possibly the chocolate chips) and don’t want to lose it. :) Plus, I have marketing to do and intend to roast a turkey today. I’m leaning on a pillow which may or may not smell of vomit, so maybe the feeling will pass without incident. . Oh, that brings me to another little fun fact—the little guy is a squirrel. He somehow chews food and stores it somewhere other than his stomach. So when he was throwing up constantly in the wee hours of January 5th, he was spitting up chicken bits (we’d had chicken nuggets and fries for dinner) that were not covered in gross liquid. A dust-buster would actually have been more effective than the cloths I was using to clean up. The smell was also not vile.

Happy Sunday!

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