Friday, May 3, 2013

Walking the Baby

For unknown reasons, the Blueberry has skipped certain traditional development steps and is rushing full steam towards others. Sure, many kids skip crawling and move right into walking, but who skips sitting up and goes right to standing up? Apparently, my child. He can sit for ages if we place him in a sitting position, but his tummy muscles just don't seem to be strong enough to lift his upper body more than 45 degrees. I'm fairly confident that he'll eventually learn the missing skills, and his pediatrician wasn't concerned, so we'll just let him progress at his own pace.

For nearly a month now, the Blueberry has demonstrated a love of standing and is already on his way towards cultivating the independence that comes with it. Now when I put him on his feet (or he gets there himself) and I attempt to support him under his armpits, he pulls my hands into his. It's like he's saying, "No, Mommy I don't need you to hold me up. I just need a good pair of walking sticks."

Numerous times a day, his Daddy and I walk him around the apartment. His favorite trips are when we go all the way from one room to another. He still needs some prompting to move his feet forward, rather than simply up and down but he's learning.

Here's Daddy walking the Blueberry from the baby's room to the living room.
 photo 40weeks6.jpg

 photo 40weeks7.jpg

 photo 40weeks8.jpg

Sometimes he doesn't make it very far into the next room.
 photo 40weeks5.jpg

But the Blueberry is happy to be finally on the move, all the same.
 photo 40weeks4.jpg

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  1. He is ADORABLE! My goodness and what a cute smile :)