Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Skill!

Last night, I left the Blueberry with his Daddy while I prepared his bath. This is what I found when I went to get the baby.

 photo 1stPullup1.jpg
He pulled himself up using the side of the crib!

 photo 1stPullup2.jpg
Apparently, he was trying to reach the mobile.

 photo mouse.jpg
We attempted to convince him to try again for a video, but he was only interesting in gnawing away. Little mouse!

 photo NewCribHt3.jpg
Suffice to say, I lowered the crib mattress before bedtime. (Daddy took care of the bath!) At the new height he hasn't managed to pull himself up, though he's tried. When he does manage it, he hopefully won't go toppling over the side for at least a few more months or until he learns to climb.

 photo NewCribHt1.jpg
Dance baby, dance!

 photo NewCribHt4.jpg
Aren't you finished taking pictures yet, Mom?!!!

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