Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7 Months Old!

On the eve of his 7 month birthday, the Blueberry had a wonderful treat for his mommy...semi-solid poop! In the world of cloth diapering, this is a joyous occasion where the poop just plops off into the toilet with no spraying, dunking, or scraping required. Did we actually weather through the storm of the yucky peanut butter poop or was this a mere teaser to give me hope? Sort of how he slept through the night around two months, then didn't do it again for another two months or so? Either way, I'll take it! Here are a few milestones we celebrated this month...

He started solids exactly a month ago and wasn't too sure about them at first.
 photo Oatmeal13.jpg

 photo DSC01983.jpg

But now he's eating two meals a day and clamoring for more! In this video, you can see him devour his carrots. (Note: This video may not be viewable on an iPhone or iPad.)

He sat in his first restaurant high chair without any difficulty.
 photo IMG_1092.jpg

He became a bouncing fanatic.
 photo IMG_1096.jpg

He's began examining everything intently.
 photo 5599BB63-C24A-46E5-AB5B-8A1C74232E37-8328-000007627FEE0C4F.jpg

But most importantly, he's still getting cuter and cuter every day!
 photo IMG_1090.jpg

With a little help from his Dad.
 photo IMG_1087.jpg

Happy 7-month birthday, Blueberry!

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