Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Working on the nap

As you know, the Blueberry has been having trouble sleeping. Whether I blame a growth spurt, holiday travels, illness or something else the bottom line is that we all aren't getting proper sleep at the proper time. Not so long ago, the Blueberry took two naps per day: the first somewhere between 11-1 and the second in the late afternoon. Sometimes if the morning nap began too late, the afternoon one was a struggle but there was always at least one good sleep during the day. Lately, since nights have been hell, we've been sleeping till noon, sometimes even past that. Then the afternoon naps comes at 530-6pm and another screwy night begins.

We're trying something new today. The Blueberry tried to sleep after a 130-2pm feeding but didn't stay asleep once he left my arms. I let him up to play for another half hour, then tried nursing him down. It didn't work. My latest effort is as follows: clean diaper, dim room, sleep sack, binky, sound machine on "rain", and calming music on without mobile or slide show. I left the room, determined not to go in for 20 min unless he totally wigged out, which happens to be the duration of the music. He whimpered once, but look:

The sound machine stopped after 23 minutes and I can hear snoring! Let's hope this lasts for at least an hour.

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  1. After about 30 min after I put him down, he dropped the binky and woke up crying. It took two tries of putting it back plus turning the sound machine and music back on after the second time but he's back asleep.