Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Sleeper

The Blueberry is a really good sleeper (at least most of the time). While he doesn't yet sleep through the night, ever since he was five or six weeks old, he has slept in large blocks of time (usually 3-4 hours) at night so mommy can get enough sleep to function too. He even occasionally tries to let Mommy sleep in after he wakes up and may wiggle around and talk to himself for up to an hour before wailing for attention.

This morning might just top all that--my baby put himself back to sleep! All by himself!

This is how it happened: My husband isn't the quietest person when getting ready for work in the morning. He also seems to stomp whenever he walks, although that may be more the flooring than his lack of grace. He also often peers a bit too closely at the sleeping baby. As my husband was getting dressed this morning, the Blueberry woke up. Eyes wide open and wiggling all about, he was definitely awake. Since I was puttering about in the kitchen (watching him on the monitor, of course), I decided to let him be until he cried. About 15-20 minutes later, he went back to sleep! It's now been over an hour and he's still sleeping like a baby.

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