Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In case you're keeping track (STTN update)...

If you're familiar with the mommy boards on forums like Babycenter.com or Whattoexpect.com, you know that acronyms rule the day. "LO" stands for little one, "DH" for darling husband, etc. "STTN" stands for sleeping through the night. These abbreviations amuse me as they're probably illustrative of the text-messaging, tweeting world we live in.

Anyway, I knew it was too soon. After 3 nights in a row of sleeping through the night, which I explained here as technically meaning 5 hours, but in the Blueberry's case about 6-6.5 hours, he went back to needing a 1:30 a.m. feeding. In other words, I'm getting two 3-4 hour blocks instead of one 7+-hour block. Frankly, I don't mind terribly as though I appreciated the sleep, I was definitely a tad uncomfortable after not nursing for so long. Maybe it was part of another growth spurt as more sleep sometimes accompanies them or perhaps just a teaser to give us hope. Alternatively, the past 2 nights might be the growth spurt. Only time will tell.

One thing I do know for certain is that the Blueberry sleeps like his Daddy.

When we went to bed, the Blueberry was neatly and tightly swaddled as shown here:

Perhaps, we have the next Harry Houdini in my Mr. Wiggle Monster.

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