Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby cues

I've had the BlogPress app on my iPhone for over a year now but only just began using it since the Blueberry's arrival. Some days sitting at the computer long enough to write a post just doesn't happen. However, with this app I can do text-only posts or edit ones I've begun on the computer while the Blueberry eats, naps, or sits with Mommy. One of these days I'll track just how much time we spend doing all of these things, but that's a topic for a different post.

I've mentioned before how we are slowly learning "baby cues" so I thought I'd do a post about them. Several are classified as reflexes in the baby literature but others seem to be unique to the Blueberry. Some cues have come and gone, but I'll list then here anyway. My goal is to update this as we go along.

1. Head butting - usually means he's hungry, though may generally mean that he wants something like a pacifier. I noticed this behavior very early on and 3 months later it's still a reliable cue.

2. Rooting - this consists of making a small circle with his mouth (just big enough for a nipple) and means he's hungry. This is classified was a reflex and has been present from birth. It may be accompanied by smacking lips.

3. Red Face - may come and go as a flush. Usually means he's pooping or has something gastro-intestinal going on.

4.Rubbing eyes - often accompanied by yawning unsurprisingly means he's tired.

5. Looking away - means he's over-stimulated. The fix varies from putting him down, especially in a cozy place like in his Rock N Play (sort of a baby hammock) or holding him to my chest.

6. Gnawing on his hands - in the first few weeks, perhaps up to 6 weeks, meant he was hungry. Now he does it to self-sooth and may also be a sign of teething.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Plus, the Blueberry's finished eating and has been dozing for a while now on my shoulder so I should attempt to put him down. As I think of more cues or the change, I'll keep you updated.

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