Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Day at the Gym

On Friday, as we do many days, the Blueberry and I hit the gym--the baby gym, that is. No, there are no monkey bars yet. Instead there are vegetables and garden creatures! Here's the Blueberry with the EntertainMe Play Gym by Boppy:

At first he stares. What are these funny orange things hanging from all this blue? (Note: sometimes he'll simply stare at the blue arch if I don't have anything hanging in front of him.)

Next, he bats at them (they rattle).

Finally, he decides that they're okay and he gurgles and talks to them for quite awhile. How's it hanging, fellas?

The Blueberry appears to much enjoy this little play mat. He stares and gurgles at the carrots, peas, lettuce, and snail, though the carrots are by far his favorite. I was amazed that he likes the carrots even more than the mirror. Perhaps, like his mommy, carrots will be his favorite veggie as a kid. There's also a huge bumble bee, but since it's larger than his head, I haven't introduced that one yet. We're still working on tolerating tummy time, so the baby boppy you see over his right shoulder comes in handy. Though there are far more interactive baby gym/playmats on the market, this one suits that Blueberry for now. Maybe he'll help me with the balcony mini-garden next spring--or at least eat dirt while I plant?

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