Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Blueberry's First Bath

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Actually, these baby shampoo/body washes don't seem to generate many bubbles which surprised me. It might be due to the "low" chemical content. Or perhaps breathing bubbles (or eating them as baby might be inclined to do) might be bad for baby or something like that. Oh well, so long as baby gets clean bubbles can wait until he gets older.

The Blueberry's first bath occurred early in week 3. Though the doctor informed us that a bath could be given prior to the umbilical stump falling off, we decided to wait for both the stump to fall off and for his belly button to heal as it scabbed a little bit after the stump fell off.

Let's just say that the first attempt wasn't much fun for any of us. First of all, the Blueberry was still a little small for the mesh sling and kept slipping. I think in the first 30 seconds he got a mouthful of water, which naturally freaked Mommy and baby out. Then I struggled to clean some lint or residual gauze from his little sensitive area, which didn't help matters. Finally came the rinsing of his hair and face--let's just say that was the least fun.

At first he's curious.

Looking all around.

Novelty ends. "I DO NOT like this!!!"

"Mommy, wash me faster."

Well, at least someone's having fun.

Finally, all done.

And happy in a Pooh towel, of course.

About five or six baths later, I'm fairly certain we've improved. I even managed to give him a sink bath at the hotel we stayed at this weekend with minimal screaming and without konking his head (I padded the sink and counter with a thick wet towel). For the most part, he tolerates everything but the rinsing of his head and face. Sometimes if he's in the mood we let him play in the warm water for a few minutes before soaping him up. I'm hoping he'll come to like bath time, although I've heard kids are moody about baths and may like them one day and hate them the next. We'll have to see.


  1. Good job :) Ahh, that brings back memories though I don't think we moved to bathing K in a tub until she could sit up. lol. Until then it was the baby tub on the dining table.

    1. (*Doh!) I didn't even think of that. Once we realized the baby tub wouldn't fit in the kitchen sink, we went right to the tub which is definitely going to get trying on the knees.