Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 Months Old!

In case you've been following this blog closely, yes I'm back-dating this entry since I posted much of the contents of this post on my Facebook page and it's really not anything new.

Happy 2-month birthday! It's hard to believe that the Blueberry is already 2 months old! In case you're tracking by weeks, he'll be 9 weeks tomorrow. Time has certainly flown. As I shared earlier this week, the Blueberry has broke that 10 pound ceiling. In fact, at the doctor's he clocked in at a whopping 10 lbs 12 oz! (Note: this was fairly close to right after a feeding, so I'm still thinking he's closer to 10 and a half pounds, at best. Nonetheless, he's getting sturdier by the day. Length-wise, he's now 22.5". Finally, he's fitting into some of his 0-3 months clothes, though he has not outgrown the size newborn outfits completely.

We're still working on establishing a bedtime routine, but most importantly, doesn't he look cute in his little nautical sleeper outfits?

More on the 2-month check up...Developmentally, from what I've read or been told by the pediatrician, he's on track--no more, no less. He can focus on objects and follow them with his eyes; look up; respond to noises; gurgle; laugh; and smile. He's still working on head control but can raise it, hold it steady for a few seconds, and even do some baby push-ups (where he lifts his head and shoulders off the ground). Granted he might be farther along if we did "tummy time" more rigorously but he's progressing.

At the doctor's, in addition to being weighed and measured, the pediatrician poked and prodded him apparently to make sure everything was developing as it should. For the most part, the Blueberry was most tolerant of the doctor's attention to detail, though he wet his diaper just as she was removing it to inspect the diaper area. He also fussed a bit when she looked in his ears and mouth, but after each trauma he recovered quickly. I was reassured to be informed that he will grow out of thrush. Though she renewed his Nystatin prescription, she told me not to make myself crazy trying to get rid of the yeast in his mouth so long as it stayed the same and did not bother him (which it doesn't). He developed thrush during week 3 or 4, possibly due to our overuse of pacifiers or possibly because babies are prone to thrush, but hasn't seemed to be able to kick it completely.

Finally, it was off to get his first set of vaccinations. Three shots, plus one oral were the dose of the day. I saw my baby's first silent scream, which I can only interpret to mean was a reaction too painful for words. Fortunately, I had brought the baby sling (Baby K'Tan carrier), which plus his pacifier, soothed him right back to sleep. (It also made juggling the infant car seat and diaper bag much easier.) I'm not looking forward to the next batch of shots. Though he was fine immediately after the shots, the rest of the day and even part of the next were a bit rough. First, the area (both thighs) were tender from the large needles. However, since we pick him up by his bottom and I often support him under his knees when he's on my should, it was hard not to jostle that area. All afternoon, he required a pacifier and slept only while held.


That evening, he was fussy and needed to constantly be held. Around 8 or 9 pm, my husband remarked on how warm he felt, so we took his temperature. Sure enough, he had a slight fever. Though it was still with in "normal range", it was elevated compared to his normal temperature. That coupled with the pain he was in convinced me to give him infant Tylenol. (Yes, I have to remind myself that little babies don't have their mommy's aversion to drugs, particularly pain meds.) Finally, he was able to sleep comfortably. The next day, he was mostly recovered albeit a little fussy. I've heard from friends that the first batch is nothing compared to the second dose...I can't wait.

The next day, he was recovered enough to play peekaboo during a feeding.
In case you're wondering, that is the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover, which makes nursing in public much easier. Since he was still a little unfocused, I put him under it during a regular feeding at home. It worked a little, though I think he had more fun playing peekaboo during burping.

Here's one last look at the Blueberry in his adorable sleeper.

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