Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quick Update - 37 Weeks

Sorry, no picture. I'm pooped after much much driving around today.

This morning I saw my regular OB provider. Everything's on track again--we're measuring exactly 37 cm in fundal height, which corresponds to the number of weeks we are to date. If you recall last time, at 35 weeks, a midwife measured us smaller at 33 cm. Now it could be user error by either individual, but yet again that makes me question why fundal height is the primary measurement to determine size per my health care insurance covers at this stage in the game as opposed to a 36 week ultrasound relatively common in the private sector. My regular provider suggested that the baby's position may had affected the measurement last time--the Blueberry was sunny side up (occiput posterior) last time but was facing my back ( occiput anterior) this morning, but I remain unconvinced.

Blood pressure and baby's heartbeat were all normal. At 37 weeks, the fetus is considered full term. Thus, he could come tomorrow or weeks from now. But we're definitely in the home stretch, at last.

In other happy news, my auntie arrived today! Though we're mostly set for baby's arrival, I'm sure I'll find many things for her to do. I also hope we have time to do some fun things pre-baby while she's here.

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