Monday, July 16, 2012

Old Bear

Old Bear is a wonderful picture book by Kevin Henkes. In this story, an older bear (we're not told exactly how old so he could be a senior or simply an adult bear) hibernates for the winter. As he sleeps, he dreams he is once again a cub in a magical world. At first it's spring where everything is purples, pink and green and where the flowers are huge enough for the small cub to take a nap in. Next, it's summer where the leaves turn into butterflies and the clouds rain blueberries! Then, it's fall and the world is yellow, orange, and brown (even the fish). Finally, it's winter again and the adorable cub looks out at a glittery world of snow. In case you hadn't guessed, this book has gorgeous illustrations full of vibrant color. Finally, the old bear awakens, yawns, stretches and looks outside. Other than his being full-grown, it's as though his dream of spring has come alive!

Definitely a fantastic picture book. Not only are there lovely colors, there's an exceptionally cute bear. Highly recommended.

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