Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's July! Can you believe it? Only just over four weeks until the Blueberry's due date. I'm not naive enough to think he'll arrive on time, but I'm a big fan of countdowns so here's hoping.

Speaking of counting, today's book involves counting to ten. It also involves a fierce predator (snake) and cute prey (mice). In this story, ten little mice go out in the meadow to play. They know that snakes lurk in the meadow, but soon after playing forget and all take a nap. Meanwhile, a very hungry snake enters the scene. Despite being famished, the snake decides to collect the mice in a glass jar (most likely so we can count them). As he collects the sleeping mice, he counts them. Just as the last mouse is tucked away in the jar, the mice awake. Demonstrating that brawn isn't always best, the mice outsmart the snake and get away.

Though a truly simple tale, I enjoyed this story a lot. It provides a fair number of discussion opportunities as both mouse and snake fail to act rationally. The illustrations are simple but detailed enough to further the story. Suitable for early readers grades k-1.


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