Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Berenstain Bears' New Pup

I want a puppy! I want a puppy!

In The Berenstain Bears' New Pup, Mama Bear takes Brother and Sister to a local farm to buy fresh eggs (love the encouragement there to go natural :). When they near the barn, Brother spots a sign that says "Pups for Sale." Mama is naturally reluctant, but after much cajoling is convinced by the cubs' promises that they're take care of the cute little guy. Then the pup is placed in Mama's arms and wins her over in an instant. Home they all go. At home, the puppy is a typical puppy making little messes here and there. She even breaks all the farm fresh eggs! With a stern look, Mama says she's going back to the farm. After a moment of panic, she relieves the cubs' fears that her purpose is to return the pup--they simply need more eggs!

As usual, this was an incredibly cute story. No rhyming scheme, but a solid plot with good doses of humor. This book is perfect for young readers grades 2-3 and a read-a-loud for younger.


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