Friday, June 8, 2012

Morris and Borris at the Circus

Morris and Boris at the Circus is a funny little story with heroes Morris the Moose and Boris the Bear. If you're not familiar with this duo, Boris is the sensible one (naturally, he's a bear) while Morris is the impulsive goofy one. In this story, Morris has discovered that the circus doesn't have a moose in its lineup. Thus, off Morris goes to attempt to join the circus. However, as a moose he's not particularly qualified to do many of the skills done by other performers (e.g. be a lion tamer, walk on the tightrope, etc). But, for our amusement, he tries! Finally, his good friend Boris suggests that Morris be a clown. Though reluctant at first, soon Morris is a hit in large as a result of Boris chasing his friend around the ring because Morris (in classic clown tradition) squirts in the face with a water prop.

A funny story indeed, but a long one. I doubt it will hold the attention span of kids younger than 4 or 5, because it's a little slow-moving in places, but I may be mistaken as who doesn't love a circus? As a reader, I'd guess it's appropriate for grades 1-3. If you enjoy this book, there are at least two other stories featuring these two guys: Morris and Boris and Baby Teeth and Morris and Boris at the Playground. There are also a number of books featuring just Morris.

Source: Library Book

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