Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Shopping With Mom

Wow, I guess I've fallen behind again on my kids book reviews. I was out of town for nearly a week, then have been focused on finishing up a number of projects before the Blueberry arrives. For example, this evening we installed the car seat! I still have to get our installation inspected, but it seems fairly secure. Pooh, once again, modeled it and seemed comfortable enough. On to the book. . .

Just Shopping With Mom is another Little Critter book by Mercer Mayer. I thought it was more recent than it is--published in 1989, this tale features our hero shopping in a grocery store with his Mom, little sister, and baby brother (?). This tale is more a reminder to parents to avoid taking your children, particular multiple kids to the market if you can help it. As big brother, our hero is tasked with attempting to keep his siblings out of trouble. However, the little ones--little sister especially--is a huge handful. She throws a fit over candy, destroys displays, and even scampers off when told to stay put. For the most part, big brother is well-behaved although he echoes his sister's demands for ice cream at one point. Once their errands are finished, then the whole family finally enjoys ice cream.

I can't say that this story is terribly original and there's definitely not character growth or a lesson for our hero. Still, the illustrations are beautifully detailed and are colorful. Suitable for early readers grades 1-3.

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