Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The next couple of books are about mice. They're by different authors and weren't anywhere near each other on the library shelves. Something simply attracted me to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffee Numeroff and Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh and both are great stories.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a story about the invited but tiresome house guess. A little boy offers an outdoor mouse a cookie and takes him indoors. The cookie leads to milk, which requires a straw, to a hair cut, to house cleaning and more! For the most part, we're watching the cute little mouse do one thing after the other. However, every house guest needs something or other. For example, the boy has to hunt for the straw, prepare the mouse a special bed, and then clean up all the cleaning supplies and half-done sweeping job. Nonetheless, we don't get the impression that the boy is unhappy, just a little tired.

Definitely an enjoyable story, the illustrations are pleasingly colorful. A great read aloud, so long as you discuss the pictures, this book is also suitable for early readers grades 1-2.


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