Monday, June 11, 2012

Edward in Deep Water

Edward in Deep Water by Rosemary Wells is part of a series called "Edward the Unready." Apparantly designed to reassure children who might be a little insecure and possibly slower in development than their peers. In this story, Edward is invited to a swim party--possibly his first party. Though his parents try to warn him that the other children his age may no longer use water wings, Edward insists on wearing his wings to the party. When two girls playfully tease him and pop his water wings, Edward soon discovers that he's a bit over his head at this party. The two playful girls cause him to fall in the pool, without his water wings, where he must be rescued by a lifeguard. Later, the lifeguard informs Edward's parents they he many not be ready for this sort of party. Edward receives a new pair of water wings and is happy again.

I missed the little "Edward the Unready" logo in the corner of the book at first, so I was a little surprised by how the story progressed. I was expecting Edward to gather his courage and realize that he would be perfectly fine without his wings. I suppose there is a great value in reminding kids that everyone matures at different rates. However, I was always near the upper end of the developmental (and academic) curve, so it's hard for me to relate. It's not a bad story, but I probably wouldn't go looking for such a book in the future unless there's a "problem."

Source: Library Book

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