Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Best Snowman

Yes, yes, I know it's June, but I LOVE the snow and couldn't resist picking up this book at the library. The Best Snowman by Margaret Nash is a charming little tale about a little boy's first experience with snow. He makes a terrific snowman in his backyard, then all his neighbors request that he make one for them as well. He goes from yard to yard making snowmen that resemble their recipients (e.g. Mr. Jones is a bit on the chubby side, so he receives a very round snowman). Finally, the boy comes to the last house but (*GASP!) there's very little snow. However, the neighbor requests a "teeny-weeny" snowman, proclaiming that they're the "best." The boy makes an appropriately small one, though he wonders why such a small guy is the best. He is soon enlightened as the neighbor places the tiny snowman in the freezer where his snowman will never melt.

I've been without a real snowfall for over two years due to a series of moves. This winter I had better get my snow (and to ensure it, we're heading north). I wish I had room in my freezer to keep a snowman, but alas I never do. Nonetheless, this is a great little story and will no doubt inspire every kid to fill the freezer with snow. This book is an early reader, likely appropriate for grades 1-2. Nice colorful illustrations with bold outlining make it visually pleasing as well.


Source: Library Book

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