Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Berenstain Bears by the Sea

Okay, since this is my third or fourth beach-related book, I definitely think I'm gravitating towards them. Maybe I'm missing the ocean or perhaps just because it's summer. The Berenstain Bears by the Sea is another cute story about a a trip to the ocean. Brother and Sister Bear can't wait to play in the water. However, Mama insists that chores must be done first. Chores?!! They're on vacation, right? Well, apparently their vacation home is a bit sandy so the cubs must work to clean it up before they may hit the water. Next, Mama insists on a nice lunch followed by an appropriate period of digestion. Finally, they hit the sand but no going in the water yet...sunscreen must be applied! At long last, the entire Bear family frolics to their heart's content in the sea.

I laughed my way through this story. Kids should love it and mine will likely relate to having to do x, y, and z before playtime. Oh, I'm also militant about sunscreen--just ask my husband who puts up quite a scuffle before we hit the pool. Written in rhyme, this book is great for beginning readers, grades 1-2, and enjoyable for all. Highly recommended

Source: Library Book

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