Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh the Thinks You Can Think!

Oh the Thinks You Can Think! epitomizes all I dislike about a good majority of Dr. Seuss books but also why many people might love them. This book is filled with funny imaginary creatures with weird names that just happy to go well with the rhyme scheme. Let me back up as the apparent intent of this story is quite a laudable one--to foster imagination and creativity. The unseen narrator tells the reader of all the fantastic places you can go and neat creatures you can meet if you only "think" which really means imagine. There's even a nod to global travel as certain imaginary spots somewhat almost resemble real places such as a place that reminds me of Istanbul or someplace near the Arctic. That was a nice gesture, but not enough in my opinion.

Despite my objections about what Dr. Seuss really teach impressionable youngsters, children will love the weird-looking creatures and giggle at the made-up names for them such as "Vipper of Vipp," Beft, Da-Dake, and Bloogs. Illustrations are colorful and detailed even though I don't care for them. I'd guess it's suitable for grades 1-3. Not recommended.

Source: Library Book

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