Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dog and Bear: Two Friends - Three Stories

Dog and Bear: Two Friends - Three Stories by Laura Vaccaro Seeger won the 2007 Boston Globe - Horn Book Award for Picture Books. Using vivid colors, bold font, and friendly sketch lines, this story looks like a comforting book. Plus, it involves a lovably cute bear and a dog, a hot dog no less. (I'm referring to a dachshund, not the food product.)

In the first of the three stories, which really roll together very well, Bear is sitting on a very high chair (imagine bar stool) when Bear comes to visit him to go outside. Bear is apparently afraid of heights and doesn't realize he's made of fluff. Thus, Bear is too scared to jump. Finally, his good friend offers the perfect solution--to make a sort of a ramp using his body so Bear can slide down. Success!

In the second story, Dog really wants to play but Bear is reading a book, ironically about a bear and his friend dog. Like an anxious little kid, Dog brings out every toy imaginable to tempt Bear into playing. Once he reads far enough into the story, Bear realizes learns a bit of a lesson about his friendship with Dog, which makes him want to appreciate Dog and willing to play. Ironically, Dog wants Bear to read to him.

Finally, in the last story, Dog is dissatisfied with his ordinary name. He decides to change it and proposes all sorts of alternatives such as "Fluffy", "Zippy" or "Champ." After imagining what Dog would look like with his new name (e.g., a pink marshmallow for "Fluffy"), Bear remembers how Dog helped him get off the scary high chair. This causes him to suggest "My Best Friend Dog," which is shortened simply to Dog.

In case you couldn't tell, this is a very cute book. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's an early reader, suitable for readers grades k-2.

Source: Library Book

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