Friday, April 20, 2012

Uncle Elephant

Uncle Elephant by Arnold Lobel is a chapter book aimed at kids grades 1 and up. For story time, it's probably appropriate form ages 3-4. Of the books I've borrowed from the library thus far, this was only the second or third chapter book and I must admit that I wasn't a huge fan. In this series of stories, the young elephant loses his parents at sea (rest assured, they're only missing) and must got to live with an eccentric uncle whom he'd never met. Completely absent from the story is any degree of feelings of loss or uncertainty about the life hurdles that one so young faces. Everything is simply told in a matter of fact way, devoid of emotion other than humor at Uncle Elephant's antics. I found it a tad dry, however as easy read that's longer than your early reader, it's perfect for new readers who are beginning to develop longer attention spans and confidence in their abilities.

Source: Library Book

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