Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Singing Chick

Happy Easter, everyone! Well, I haven't come across any Easter books yet, but this one does feature as the main character a cute little chick and other farm animals.

Curiously we read this book after watching a documentary on a man who observed grizzly bears for over a decade then wound up being killed and eaten by one. Thus, throughout the story my husband kept making naughty comments about what might eat each animal. Actually, he wasn't too far from the mark, except for the lack of gruesomeness since this is a kids book. The story is about a singing chick (duh) whose song and urge to dance continues even after he's eaten by a fox, the fox is eaten by a wolf, and so forth. Eventually all are freed (both from the stomachs of larger animals and the involuntary singing) and reward the chick by taking him to see his family in a neighboring village. Ooops, I forgot to mention that at the beginning of the story little chick hatches from an egg that had carelessly been dropped in the forest.

I rather enjoyed this book even though the song isn't much a song and doesn't roll off the tong. Nice colors and array of animals. I'd estimate this book as being good for an early (2-3) grade reader and a good read aloud to all but those with the shortest attention spans.

Source: Library Book

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