Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

Hey! It's another Dr. Seuss book. It's been awhile, hasn't it? As I've shared before, I'm not the biggest fan of Dr. Seuss, but I do appreciate the value of his decent rhyming stories. Thus, I typically get at least one or two on each library trip. Plus, my husband likes them quite a bit--must be the peculiar illustrations that he prefers.

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff was first published in 1973. I think the look of the boy and girl is a bit of a giveaway (or at least it was for my husband who guessed right away). The illustrations are monochromatic at first with the people, animals, and things that we're learning the shapes of in black on a brightly colored page. Then as you proceed on in the book, more and more colors appear on each page, however each animal or thing is still only in a single color/shade. If I'm remembering correctly, babies see monochromatic images better at first than other images. Thus, this book is likely appropriate for reading to the littlest of little ones. As always, the rhyming is great. There also aren't too many made-up things which is one of my biggest Dr. Seuss pet peeves.

Source: Library Book

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