Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Apartment

Last week Wednesday we moved into a larger apartment with a room for baby. It was hectic to arrange for movers, pack everything up, and thoroughly clean the old place in a rather short period of time. Then once we moved in, we were without internet access for two days! In a way that allowed me to focus on the cleaning and unpacking (just enough to get us by until I catch up with my work backlog). It was made slightly worse by the extra ultrasound appointment (look forward to super cute pictures posted in the next few days) and pregnancy class I had late last week, as well a kids consignment sale I volunteered at for half a day so I could shop first. Hopefully next weekend some major unpacking and organization will happen. Then I can start decorating the baby's room!

Anyway, a bit of a book update: Although I did swing by the library to return the books we'd finished (look forward to mini-reviews running through Friday), I sadly didn't have time to pick up new ones. Looking at the small stack of library books I have left, I'd guess we have about six left. Due to exhaustion, we've been averaging only one an evening. My only consolation is that with all the team work required with the moving, Blueberry's heard a lot of chatter from me and even more conversation with my husband than usual. As for book mini-reviews, I'm scheduled through the next week. After that, unless my schedule opens up and I get back to the library, they may slow down a little bit. I did pick up a few new ones at the consignment sale and ordered a handful from Amazon, so don't worry that the Blueberry will be without story time.

More later!

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