Monday, April 2, 2012

Lettice, The Flying Rabbit

Lettice, The Flying Rabbit by Mandy Stanley is part of the Lettice series, a charming young rabbit who like all young kids gets into all sort of mischief. In this story, Lettice really wants to fly. At first Lettice tries to fly on her own, by jumping, flapping her arms, etc. Finally, just as she's feeling disheartened, a plane which is perfectly sized for her lands nearby. Without hesitation, she jumps in and flies off into the blue sky. It was a perfectly charming story. Though a little hard to believe at times, it has that typical fairy tale magic. Good dialogue too. I will caution that the airplane, which naturally features prominently in the story, is Pepto-Bismol pink, which was a little much for me in places. I'd gauge its targeted reading ability at the upper end of the 1st - 3rd grade range. Source: Library Book

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