Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Me in the Tub

The Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer, and later Gina Mayer, is another one of my favorites from childhood. I think it was some about this little guy's independence that attracted me to his tales. Even when his baby sister was born I don't recall him having to share the story line much with her, except perhaps to use her as a prop for his character development.

In Just Me in the Tub, the hero takes a bath all by himself! It's quite a process since he's still a toddler and many toys are required. For some reason my husband strongly disliked this book and called the main character a "tool," which is a derogatory expression of his (I believe may be short for "stool," but that's a bit sophisticated given where he picked up the expression, so I'm not sure). He expressed scorn as the kid methodically filled the tub, selected a towel, clean clothes, and of course toys, then washed every inch of himself. (Perhaps, it's because I have to cajole him to do such things on a regular basis, I don't know.)

Now the point of the story is that the kid is obviously well-meaning, but like all kids just lacks finesse. Thus, in getting a towel, he pulls all the other towels on the floos. In selecting clothes, he empties all his drawers. In getting out of the tub, though he mentions the purpose of a bathmat is to keep the floor dry, of course the floor is soaked! I thought this was an incredibly cute story, particularly for toddlers who are just beginning to understand all that goes into bath time. Thus, ignore my husband and go for this book.

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