Monday, April 30, 2012

Just Me and My Puppy (A Little Critter Book)

Just Me and My Puppy is another one of the Little Critter books. In this story, our hero brings home a puppy that he traded a baseball mitt for. I'm not sure if that's an even trade, but the puppy is certainly cute enough. His parents tell him he can keep it so long as he takes care of it himself. Seeing as taking a bath proved challenging for this little guy, you can imagine how big of job this is (and how comic his attempts will be). However, he somehow manages to feed, walk, and clean up after the puppy well enough that puppy gets to stay. He even teaches his puppy himself how to do tricks! Finally, after a long hard day of puppy care and training, both owner and pup are tucked into bed for a good night's sleep.

The difficulty level on this book for an early reader is about 1-2 grade. As a read aloud/picture book, the pictures are detailed and colorful, so it will be great for toddlers. Very cute story.

Source: Library Book

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