Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just a Little Sick (Little Critter Series)

Just a Little Sick by Mercer Mayer is part of the Little Critter Series, another favorite series of mine. In this story, the little guy is sick. We don't learn how sick he is at first or how his Mom determines that he's sick enough to stay home from school--likely not to give readers any ideas for faking. In fact, at first he feels great and wants to play. Mom soon sends him back to bed, and before he knows it he's come down with a fever. After a nap, he feel's great again but Mom has a trip to the doctor in store. Finally, once they return home he decides that being just a little sick is not so fun and wants to go back to school. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is--perhaps to keep healthy to avoid a boring day. However, it's a nice early reader suitable for grades k-1. Again, my husband didn't care for it but I don't think as much as he disliked Just Me in the Tub.

Source: Library Book

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