Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Was So Mad


I Was So Mad, another Little Critter book, is definitely one I remember from my childhood. In this story, our hero roams about the house complaining about all the things he (and most kids) want to do and are generally too little, big or rambunctious to do. His suggestions include keeping frogs in the bathtub, petting the goldfish, using the garden hose, playing with his little sister's toys, etc. Each time he starts a fun task, some adult comes along and spoils it. (I think most of us can relate.) As they attempt to keep him out of mischief, his parents suggest boring things that just don't interest him. Finally, just as he's decided to run away, he meets some friends who want to play. At last, something he's allowed to do! This story will make a great read aloud for any young child and serve as a nice early reader for grades k-2.

My husband just doesn't like this character. I don't know if it is on account of the the very first book we read together from this series or if it is something else. However, from the start he acts all put out when I read these books, before giving the story a chance. I don't understand it. I mean, if I like these books even though there are no bears to be seen, he should be able to get over a single story. Oh well.

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