Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Curious George - The Perfect Carrot

I had no idea that there were Curious George books! As I believe I mentioned, at the moment, I'm selecting library books from the children's section of my library mainly just by wandering about through the "easy reader" section. Each visit, I do gravitate towards the Berenstain Bears books because I love them and the Dr. Seuss section as my husband's a fan. However, I also pick a shelf or two and grab any book that looks interesting. This time, not too far from the Berenstain Bears books, I found a fair handful of Curious George books. Remembering the cartoons fondly, as well as a neat museum exhibit a couple of years ago at the San Jose Children's Museum, I immediately added one to my stack.

In The Perfect Carrot, Curious George has a (new) friend named Bill who has a flock of pet bunnies who love carrots. When George runs out of carrots to feed the bunnies, Bill teaches him how to grow carrots. After much diligent gardening--with the help of the man in the yellow hat, of course--George grows a perfect carrot. Luckily, his success comes just in time to rescue Bill's lost bunnies and save the day.

This was a cute and engaging story. Aimed at early readers, I'd guess grades 1-3. As a read aloud, it will likely be suitable for much younger. In the future, I will definitely look for more Curious George books.

Source: Library Book

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