Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Bear

Busy Bear by Christianne C. Jones is a nice little story about a bear cub named Busy Bear who doesn't want to sleep through the winter as bears do. Thus, he runs around playing with all his friends in avoidance of his mother and the inevitable winter hibernation. However, like all children, Busy Bear eventually becomes exhausted when his "nap" is overdue and falls asleep. His mother comes and collects him and they both hibernate for the winter as planned. It was a cute early reader story--I'd guess appropriate for k-2. The only qualifier was what my husband could not stop commenting on--the illustrations. All the animals have big oval eyes with a tiny black dot in the center, which I must admit is rather disturbing. I'm not sure it would have made an impact upon me as the colors are nice and warm and the illustrations otherwise nice, but once my husband pointed it out, I could not help but noticing. All in all, it's a nice little story.

Source: Library Book

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