Friday, April 13, 2012

The Berenstain Bears - The Bears' Vacation

I suppose in a hundred books over 50 years there might be a bit of repetition in them. If you've already read my mini review of The Berenstain Bears Go On Vacation, you may notice a number a similarities with this book. First, the family goes to the beach and stays in a cute little house right on the water. In Go On Vacation, since the family is larger (3 kids) the house is grander. However, similar themes such as surfing, fishing and Papa getting into mischief reoccur in both.

This book was published in 1968 so Brother Bear is Small Bear. Also, the illustrations are a less round and the bears have longer noses. Not as cute, in my opinion. Hopefully as we make our way through the library's collection of Berenstain Bears books, I'll be able to pinpoint for you about when the drawings change to the cuter bears we know and love. Nonetheless, this is a great story packed into 63 pages. Before letting Small Bear run loose on the beach, Papa Bear has several "rules" to teach Small Bear for his safety. Naturally, Papa Bear ignores his own rules (e.g. by putting his beach towel over the "Warning strong undertow" sign and demonstrates the folly by getting stuck in whatever danger the common sense approach he preaches (but doesn't practice) would have avoided. Great rhyme scheme and cute story overall.

Source: Library Book

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