Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Berenstain Bears - The Bear Detectives

On my second library visit, I couldn't help getting more Berenstain Bears books as they're my favorite. I had no idea that Stan and Jan Berenstain wrote early readers as well as the elementary school ones. The Bear Detectives falls in the latter category and I'd say it's appropriate for a 1st or 2nd grader, perhaps up to 3rd grade. Still no Sister Bear--I am anxious to learn when she was born as Brother Bear doesn't appear to have aged much. In this store, Brother Bear ("Small Bear") and three other friends are enlisted by Farmer Ben to find his missing prize-winning pumpkin. Like the Woodchuck Guidebook from Ducktales, the cubs have the Bear Detective Book with a set of organized steps to solving a mystery. However, Papa Bear, being his typical head-strong self is convinced that he can solve the case with only his intuition and his trusty dog. Naturally, Papa Bear gets into all sorts of messes as the kids watch on. Finally, after he's handcuffed a chicken, Papa Bear yields to his son and book. Naturally, they solve the case and everyone has a yummy snack to celebrate. This is a fun adventure story which I enjoyed. A bit of rhyming will help with word recognition and makes for a nice flow too. Definitely a winner. Source: Library Book

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