Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bears, Bears, Everywhere

Bears, Bears, Everywhere by Rita Milios is a Rookie Reader book published by Childrens Press Chicago. The edition I got from the library was published in 1988 and has illustrations by Tom Dunnington. From the cover, I think it may be a little cuter than the one illustrated by Keiko Motoyama show first above--I like the rougher drawings and colors. In case you haven't figured it out by now, all of my pictures are pins from either Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. Thus, if you click on them on my page, then on the Pinterest picture, you'll get to the purchase page. (In this post, only the new cover will eventually take you to the purchase page.)

Anyway, I'd guess this book might be good first reader, although the level is "B" suggesting that there's at least one easier level. It's mostly sight words such as numbers but does include a few more challenging words such as "pajamas" and "stuffing." A bit to rhyme keeps the story moving as do the CUTE BEARS. Yes, you know that's why I picked it. When reading to my tummy, I made sure to embellish it a bit by describing the scene since he can't see the cute bears yet. Definitely a cute book, in case you hadn't got that impression yet.

Source: Library Book

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