Monday, March 19, 2012


Welcome to our new blog. Like the real "Project Little Blueberry" or simply "Project Blueberry" or "Blueberry" for short, this blog is in its early pre-infancy stages. We're 21 weeks pregnant, sex still unknown. At the moment, I'm recording all the gory details of my pregnancy in a private journal, but will attempt to cross-post the more pleasant memories on this blog.

At 20 weeks in the womb, a baby's hearing is apparently fully developed. Although it will be a few more weeks before it can discern its parents' voices, I figured that it was never too early to get into the habit of reading to the little one. Thus, every night for the last week or so, I've made it a point to read to the little one for 20 minutes. Though it took a bit of cajoling, my husband got into it too. I hope to keep a list of books borrowed from the library, with mini reviews, so when it comes time to build our child's library in a few months we'll be prepared. I'll attempt to keep the Book List as current as possible but may space out the "reviews" depending on my time.

I'm glad you've joined us and look forward to sharing all about our Blueberry as we go along.

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