Friday, March 23, 2012

Library Trip

Yesterday, I went back to the library to return all the books I'd borrowed on my first visit and, of course, pick up a fresh batch. What I found on my first visit is found on the Book List tab above. Mini-reviews from those books will post every day throughout the rest of March.

In the next batch, I picked up several more Berenstain Bears books and I also found a few by another favorite Mercer Mayer. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Dr. Seuss, I did get a couple more because it's an easy pick for rhyming books. The other 5 or so books were randomly selected based on cuteness and a cursory read.

I'm slowly learning the organization of the children's section of my library. Signs appear to indicate what you might expect--that it's organized by reading ability, but I'm finding that's not particularly true. For example, the 1st-3rd grade level Berenstain Bears books are filed under "B" at the beginning of the "easy (or maybe it's early) reader" section which wraps around the wall of the children's room, then a hop skip and a jump over there's a chunk of the pre-K readers under "ER" in the same section. However, the Mercer Mayer books, which are at the same reading level as the 1st-3rd grade Berenstain Bears books are in the aisles which are supposedly the higher level books. It's confusing, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. Next week will be extremely busy since we're moving but if I still to reading 20 minutes night we'll be ready for more even with a few repeats.

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