Friday, March 23, 2012

A Bear and His Boy

A Bear and His Boy by Sean Bryan is a nice little store about, as the title suggests, a bear who wakes up with a boy on his back. As they're attached, the boy accompanies the bear to a number of ordinary events from eating breakfast at a diner to receiving an award, to watching a horse race. It's hard to discern the boy's age, but it's presumably that of an older high school student or a college student. As many students are, this bear has a hectic schedule and it's up to the boy to make him stop and smell the roses, uh lilacs. Definitely not the cutest bear story I've ever read, it was an amusing read. Interestingly as well were the illustrations which were drawings colored in only five colors (black, white, brown, yellow, and a skin tone). Since I've read that young babies recognize monochromes best at first, I'm guessing these illustrations will be good for the transitional period. Source: Library Book

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